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survey thingy- yeah [Jun. 5th, 2006|10:04 pm]
1. name please Sandy
2. Were you named after anyone? no
3. When did you last cry? this morning, i had really bad crusties.. it was wierd. and the sun shone in my eyes = a little wetness
4. Do you like your handwriting? yesish
5. What is your favourite meat? roast
6. What is the most embarrassing CD on your shelf? prozak
7.If you were another person, would YOU be friends with you? yes
8. Are you a daredevil?? ahah in my own way
9.Have you ever told a secret you swore not to tell? i dont'swear' to keep secrests, but once i accidently told one i shoudlnt of. it was kind a tricked into it though
10. How do you release anger? i guess i keep to much bottled, but sometimes, wehn i was younger i would do the usual tantrum, of kicking and scremainfg. wow., i do keep alot insiode these days.
11. Where is your second home? here in winfield
12. Do you trust others easily? depends on thier 'type'
13. What was your favourite toy as a child? my bouncing ball
14. What class in school / uni do you think is totally useless? knes 213. its nick name is 'class useless. ahha called' the intoduction into research in kinesiology. they are getting rid of it.
15. Do you use sarcasm a lot? yeah. i used to alot more
16. Have you ever been in a mosh pit?? yes! so much fun/ scare
17. What do you look for in a guy/ girl ?? manly ness. i belive we've ( me and my Best friend) decided that we'd ahev no more scrawny guys.
18. Would you do a bungee jump? yeap
19. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? sometiems.... ok no
20. What's your favourite ice cream flavour? vaniella bean
21. What are your favourite colour? green
22. What is your least favourite thing? people who are prissy/ rude
23. How many people do u have a crush on right now? 2
24. What do you miss most right now? friends. sarah michele andee alysha, the 'guys' mom sister
25. What colour underwear are you wearing? brown. the6y are my fav pair
26. What are you listening to right now? jack jownson/ red hot chili peppers
27. What are you wearing right now while filling out this silly question? spandex capris, a beater + sports bra, slippers,
28. If you were a crayon wat colour wid u b? orange
29. Last person you talked to on the phone?? amy
30. The first thing you notice about the opposite sex? bosy type
31. Do u ever dream of someone from the same sex?! uhh.. not that way...
32. Favouite drink? fruit smoothie!
33. Favourite alcoholic drink? luckys ... aha no. proabably a lemon slime
34. Natural hair colour? yeapers.
35. Eye colour?brown
36. Wear contacts?? yeap
37. Siblings?4
38. Favourite months? january ( new beginning and skiing) and july puer summer
39. Favourite food? banana
41. Favourite day of the year? hard question. no answert
42. Have you ever been too shy to ask someone out?? yes
43. Favorite movies ever are? comedies and Pride and Predujice, and pirates
44. Hugs or kisses on a first date? hugs
45. Are you independent? yes
46. Who is most likely to respond? n/a
47. Who is least likely to respond?n/a
48. What book/magazine are you reading at the moment? just finished abhorison by garth nix
49. What is ur favorite TV shows ever? lost
50. Do you regret ever breaking up with someone?? no, move forward
51.last person u txt? never
52 What time did you complete this questionnaire? now
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music survey [Apr. 9th, 2006|04:01 pm]
Open iTunes/iPod or Windows Media Player to answer the following. Go to your library. Answer, no matter how embarrassing it is.

How many songs?

Sort by artist
First artist: - chinease style rap yeah babay
Last artist: Zeca Baleiro

Sort by song title
First Song: -24 hours alex someone
Last Song: You've got her in your pocket white strips

Sort by time
Shortest Song: wow this is fun danielle
Longest Song: stability death cab for sutie ( i dont even like death cab)

Sort by album
First Album: (UK) natasha bedingfield
Last Album: world according to gob

Sort by number of plays
Most played: carbon monoxide - cake
Least played: a bunch mostly some 'tool'

First song that comes up on shuffle:
public servise announcement - the bravery

How many songs come up when you search for "sex" :
How many songs come up when you search for "death"? :
10! all from death cab for cutie
How many songs come up when you search for "love"? :

woot- when I was born too.. wierd....
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march 24 [Mar. 24th, 2006|11:44 am]
i need asleep. im hung over = blah.
but i went to my classdes at 8 am, not many people can brag about that.
I worte a drunk email to one of my good friends at home... at 2 amm... its not the greatest email ever, adn shes gunna think im outta conrtol.... maybe i am
everyone seems to have a path to travel. im lost. im lost in the bush. no forwards no backwards. ahrdgh.
i think i just want to leave, and do what marisa did. work in some oterh country. new scenery. new people. new thoughts.

well. life is life

4 jobs you have had in your life:
Grandpas farm
Camp counselour

4 Goals You've Set for This Year:
Save money
work as camp counslelor/ volunteer at easter seals
see my little cousins
buy/ research an apple g4 laptop
be adventorous.

4 Movies You Could Watch Over and Over:

10 things i hate about you
Wedding Crashers
Arrested development dvds
pirates of the caribbean
i dunno.. happy gilmore.
audry hepbrun movies.
oh! out cold! ( i know thats mroe than 4)

4 Places You Have Lived:
Abbotsford BC
Winfield BC
Calgary Ab
Chibogamoo Quebec

4 TV Shows You Love To Watch:
Arrested Development

i.. dont watch alot of TV.. i geuss:
gilmore gilrs.

4 Places You Have Been On Vacation:

4 Websites You Visit Daily:
face book
reznet protal

4 Of Your Favorite Foods:
club sandwich
roast beef
stawberry banana shakes

4 Places You Would Rather Be Right Now:
Europe ( France.. ireland.. scotland..
in my bed

4 people you choose to tag:
michele sarah andrea adam danielle and alysha
people who have made differnces in me
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stolen movie fil-out thingy [Feb. 27th, 2006|08:28 pm]
stole this from jack

x) pirates of the caribbean
(_) boondock saints
(x) the mexican
( ) fight club
(x) starsky and hutch
(x) the neverending story
(x) blazing saddles
(x) garden state
(x) the princess bride
(_) young frankenstien
(x) anchorman
(x) napoleon dynamite
( ) saw
( ) white noise
( ) white oleander
(x) anger management

total here : 9

(x) 50 first dates
(_) jason
( ) scream
(_) scream 2
(_) scream 3
(_) scary movie
(x) scary movie 2
(_) scary movie 3
(x) american pie
(x) american pie 2
(_) american wedding
(x) harry potter and the sorcerer's stone
(x) harry potter and the chamber of secrets
(x) harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban
(x) harry potter and the goblet of fire
(_) resident evil
(_) resident evil: apocalypse
( ) the wedding singer
(_) little black book

total here : 8

( ) the village
( ) donnie darko
(x_) lilo & stitch
(x) finding nemo
(_x) finding neverland
( ) 13 ghosts
(x) signs
(x) the grinch
( ) texas chainsaw massacre
( ) white chicks
(x) butterfly effect
(x) thirteen going on 30
(x) i,robot
(x) dodgeball
(_) universal soldier
(_) universal soldier 2
( ) a series of unfortunate events
( ) along came a spider
(_) deep impact

total here : 9

(_) kingpin
(x) never been kissed
(x) meet the parents
( ) meet the fockers
(x) eight crazy nights
(x) a cinderella story
(x) the terminal
( ) the lizzie mcguire movie
( ) passport to paris
(x) dumb & dumber
(_) dumb & dumberer
( ) final destination
( ) final destination 2
(_) halloween
( ) the ring
(x) the ring 2
(_) harold & kumar go to white castle
(_) practical magic
(x) chicago
(_) ghost ship
(_) from hell
(x) hellboy
(_) secret window
(_) i am sam
(_) the whole nine yards
( ) the whole ten yards
(_) the day after tomorrow
(_) child's play
(_) bride of chucky
(_) seed of chucky
(x) ten things i hate about you
( ) just married
(_) gothika
(_) nightmare on elm street
( ) sixteen candles
(_) bad boys
(_) bad boys 2
(_) joy ride
(_) se7en
(x) oceans eleven (the original)
(x) oceans twelve
( ) identity

total here : 12

(_) lone star
(_) predator I
(_) predator II
(_) independence day
(_) cujo
(_) a bronx tale
( ) darkness falls
(_) christine
(x) et
(_) children of the corn
(_) my boss' daughter
(x) maid in manhattan
(_) frailty
(_) best bet
(x) how to lose a guy in 10 days
(_) she's all that
( ) calendar girls
(_) sideways
(_) mars attacks

total here : 2

(_) event horizon
(x) ever after
(x) forrest gump
(_) big trouble in little china
(x) x-men 1
(_) x-men 2
(x) catch me if you can
( ) the others
(x) freaky friday
(_) reign of fire
(x) the hot chick
(x) swimfan
(_) miracle
(x) old school
(_) ray
(x) the notebook
(_) k-pax

total here : 9

(x) lord of the rings : the fellowship of the ring
(x) lord of the rings : the two towers
(x) lord of the rings : the return of the king
(x) a walk to remember
( ) boogeyman
(_) hitch
(_) back door sluts 9
(_) anal acres 1
(_) anal acres 2
(_) b-cup divas
(_) girls gone wild
( ) the fifth element
(x) star wars episode I the phantom menace
(x) star wars episode II attack of the clones
(x) star wars episode III revenge of the sith
(x) star wars episode IV a new hope
(x) star wars episode V the empire strikes back
(x) star wars episode VI return of the jedi
(_) troop beverly hills
(_) swimming with sharks
(_) air force one
( ) for richer or poorer
(_) trainspotting
(_) people under the stairs
(_) blue velvet
(x) sound of music
(x) parent trap
(_) the burbs
(_) the terminator
(_) empire records
(_) slc punk
(x) meet joe black
(_) wild girls
(_) clockwork orange
(_) the order
(x) spiderman
(x) spiderman 2
(x) amelie

total here : 16

(x) mean girls
(x) shrek
(x) shrek 2
(x) the incredibles
(_) collateral
(x) the fast & the furious
(_) 2 fast 2 furious
(_) sky captain and the world of tomorrow
() closer

total here : 5

(x) titanic
( ) saved!
(x) bowling for columbine
(_) farenheit 9/11
(x) the sixth sense
(x) artificial intelligence
(x) love actually
(_) shutter
(x) ella enchanted
(x) princess diaries 1
(x) princess diaries 2
(x) constantine
( ) million dollar baby
(_) envy
(x) eurotrip
( ) malibu's most wanted
(_) big daddy
(_) black sheep
(x) the breakfast club
(_) west side story

total here : 11

( ) a christmas story
( ) spanglish
( ) pulp fiction
( ) sleepover
(_) evil dead
(_) killer klowns from outer space
(x) vanilla sky
(x) nightmare before christmas
( ) eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
(_) interview with the vampire
(_) the crow
(_) the crow 2
(_) the crow 3
(_) purple rain
(_) reservoir dogs
(x) wayne's world

total here : 3

(_) wayne's world 2
(_) 21 grams
(_) blow
(x) edward scissorhands
(_) clerks
(x) beauty and the beast
(_) guess who
(x) monster in-law
(x) elf
(x) stuart little
( ) stuart little 2
(_) mallrats
(_) chasing amy
(_) dogma
(_) jay and silent bob strike back

total here : 5

(x) beetlejuice
(x) the last samurai
(_) the amityville horror
( ) the aviator
(x) romeo and juliet
( ) barbershop
(_) beautyshop
(x) legally blonde
(x) legally blonde 2
( ) the forgotten
(x) confessions of a teenage drama queen
( ) the grudge

total here:6

all together total=95

these are all creepppe movies... well not all.. but alot of cary movies, and dirty comedies.. i'm really not a movie slut at all.

less procrastination, more work
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survey- stolen! [Feb. 12th, 2006|02:04 pm]
[music |eels]

I am a cuddler.
- I love cuddling

I am a morning person.
- False. apparently i'mn not, but i loke sunrises

I am an only child.
- False. 4 others
I am Catholic.
- False.

I am currently in my pajamas.

I am currently pregnant.

I am currently single.
- True.

I am currently suffering from a broken heart

I am okay at styling other people's hair.

I am left handed.

I am married.

I am addicted to my myspace.
-False. I am addicted to face book

I am online 24/7, even as an away message.
- no

I bite my nails.
- False

I can be paranoid at times.
- So true.

I currently have a crush on someone.
- Trueish

I currently regret something that I have done.

When I get mad I curse frequently.
-Trueish, sometimes i do

I enjoy country music.
- Extremely false.

I enjoy smoothies.
-True times 10

I enjoy talking on the phone.
-True- if its an interesting subject

I have a car.
-FALSE. cars poollute

I have a cell phone.
-True. i use it too much fro "local calls" says my bill

I have/had a hard time paying attention at school.
- True. ish- some calsses sucked, some were captivating

I have a hidden talent.
-true- i ahve yet to find it it so hidden

I have a lot to learn.
- So true

I have a pet.
- false, if you don't count pet rocks

I have a tendency to fall for the "wrong" guy/girl.
- true i geuss. I always liked teh eble, or dangerous looking guys

I have all my grandparents.
- False.only 2/4, and both are female

I have at least one brother.
-True. time 3

I have been to another country.
-True. germany, usa... one other...

I have been told that I am smart.
-yeah- i think they are wrong

I have been told that I have an unusual sense of humor.
- yeap- or that i'm just wierd

I have OR HAD broken a bone.
- true. 8 times

I have Caller I.D. on my phone.
- false- ervery call is a surprise

I have bathed someone.
- True.

I have changed a diaper.
-True. - stinky -ewww---

I have changed a lot over the past year.
- True. don't we all?

I have done something illegal.
- True.

I have friends who have never seen my natural hair color.
- False.my hair has only been dies once. and even then...... you could se my natural color

I have had surgery.
- flase

I have killed another person.

I have had my hair cut within the last week.
-yes! yesterday at the academy salon.~ i don't like what they did to my bangs

I have had the cops called on me.
- true. i think.

I have mood swings.
- often enough. usually only 2 models - extrememly happy and sad.

I have no idea what I want to do for the rest of my life.
- True.

I have rejected someone before.
- True.true.

I have seen The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

I have watched sex and the City.
- True.

I like Shakespeare.
-some. not much though

I like the taste of blood.
- False.- too irony ish. and the thought grosses me out

I love to cook.
- True.-ha i whish. i can't cook, and thus hate it

I like to sing.
-True! But i suck. extremmly sucky

I like Michael Jackson music.
- Some

I love sleeping.
- yes. but sleep when your dead

I love to play on the computer.
- true ish. my computer frustrates me. it has mood swings

I love to shop.
- True, only when I have money

I miss someone right now.
- True.

I own 100 CDs or more.
- Probably close to it.

I own and use a library card.
- yesyes! I LOVe Books~

I practice a religion that is not considered mainstream.
- False.

I read books for pleasure in my spare time.
- True. well- in past true. and during reading beaks true. i have no time for that now

I sleep a lot during the day.
- Depends.

I strongly dislike math.

I was born in a country other than the US.
- True. I am Canadian.!~!!!

I watch soap operas on a regular basis.

I will try almost anything once.

I work at a job that I enjoy.
-False. I like the people. HATE THE JOB

I would classify myself as ghetto.

I would get plastic surgery if it were 100% safe, free of cost, and scar-free.
-False.......wait. yeah.

I am currently wearing socks.
-True. And they are matching!~

I am tired.
-True. 2 am got home friday night, got up yesterday early, went to bed at 1 am, andgot up 1 945 this morning, and i ahv ulti, and..tired.

I love to paint/draw/sketch/sculpt.
True - it mostly persobnal for moi. hate it when oterhs comment on/ watch.
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cake -yum [Jan. 31st, 2006|06:59 pm]
[mood |stressedand hm-hyper]
[music |modest mouse]

comfort eagle lyrics - fun. make me smile- you should get it
applying for CA adn SR. adn interviews comming up- i'm nervous
hopefully i'll get the job. pple were arguing today that i was CA vs SR material. it was funny. i'm material. also- loved P and P. KK is still my hero.(ish) have to think up some good questions for CA interviews, and finish appy for Sr, and study for bio lab quiz, and 213 exma, and assignment- finih it. and.. do bills, and apply for summer jobs, andlook into firts aid, and do superbowl work,a dngo to serminar on saturday,a nd get confirmation of attendance at this school- for kiwanis, go to study abraod info night,

not really excited for valentines day becuase- boys here are dumb- all think with thier dick. cute but utterly retarded. like cows- cute but nothing really to say- just sit there,.... lol j/k-ish

so.. I think valintines will suck. maybe I'll make some cards for pple.
we'll see

comfort eagle lyrics - fun. make me smile- you should get it

We are building a religion
We are building it bigger
We are widening the corridors
And adding more lanes

We are building a religion
A limited edition
We are now accepting callers
for the pendant key chains

To resist it is useless
It is useless to resist it
His cigarette is burning
But he never seems to ash

He is grooming his poodle
He is living comfort eagle
You can meet at his location
But you better come with cash

Now his hat is on backwards
He can show you his tatoos
He is in the music business
He is calling you "DUDE!"

Now today is tomorrow
And tomorrow today
And yesterday is weaving in and out

And the fluffy white lines
That the airplane leaves behind
Are drifting right in front
of the waining of the moon

He is handling the money
He's serving the food
He knows about your party
He is calling you "DUDE!"

Now do you believe
In the one big sign
The doublewide shine
On the bootheels of your prime

Doesn't matter if you're skinny
Doesn't matter if you're fat
You can dress up like a sultan
In your onion head hat

We are building a religion
We are making a brand
We're the only ones to turn to
When your castles turn to sand

Take a bite of this apple
Mr. corporate invents
Take a walk through the jungle
Of cardboard shanties and tents

Some people drink Pepsi
Some people drink Coke
The wacky morning DJ
Says democracy's a joke

He says now do you believe
In the one big song
He's now accepting callers
Who would like to sing along

She says, do you believe
In the one true edge
By fastening your safety belts
And stepping towards the ledge

He is handling the money
He is serving the food
He is now accepting callers
He is calling me "DUDE!"

Now do you believe
In the one big sign
The doublewide shine
On the bootheels of your prime

There's no need to ask directions
If you ever lose your mind
We're behind you
We're behind you
And let us please remind you
We can send a car to find you
If you ever lose your way

We are building a religion

We are building it bigger

We are building

A religion

A limited


We are now accepting callers...
For these beautiful...
Pendant keychains

is it a dream is it a lie?
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well. [Jan. 16th, 2006|10:11 pm]
i think i'm sad.
i miss danielle, and abby people i never got to see, and ringette people, and people i really didn't make the effort to visit. i geuss I feel empty, or left out. proabably becuase my floor is partying, and i feel like sleeping. Also,everyone seems to always be walking by (when my door is open) and i'm always on the computer, adn i look like such a geek. i closed the door. but i'm still a geek. cpoied a bunch of micheles CDs today, such as the shins, modest mouse, the rbavery (wait, that one was mine), cake, muse.. ect. so new music is fun.
money is tight! paid tution today. also ahd 3 cups of tea, and a cup of hot cocoa. i think i need the caffine becuase i'm stressed..its wierd my energy level is really low. i'm not bouncing off the walls, and i constantly feel like sleeping. defintiyl not exerciseing enough ( or at all). aka walk 2 mins to class. stop at caf on way home. ,lazzzy. but i do play squash and went skiing .. so maybe i'm just wierd.
someone's writing on my door, i can hear them.... wierd. go away floor, not in the mood for senseless drunks
anwyas, a friedn is coming to visit.
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(no subject) [Jan. 16th, 2006|08:27 pm]
being concieted rules.
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lala [Dec. 16th, 2005|10:26 am]
after helping out with rehab, i always feel specila,a nd lucky, that i ahev a heaklthy cpapable body, adn that i aghve family that loves adn cares for me.
but yesterday, at the vounteer appreciation, i was talking to an old irish man, how had broken his neck around 5 years ago, and was in therapy, and of corse rehab. he has improved, whih is always hopefull, and blessing, but he said, ( with his broken neck) that he felt lucky, to be wher he is, beucase so many people who come to rehab, aren't as fortunate. just the way he said it broke my heart, he was so , at rest and happy at where he was in life, not wanting more, or less. just enjoying life, from where he was.
it just shocked me becuase most the people tehre feel sorry for themsleves, I knopw i probabaly would

a bloody nose, dirty bathrooms, worse cramps since gr.9, and full showers, can't stop me today.

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lyrics [Dec. 14th, 2005|10:36 pm]
[music |ani difranco!]

so my floor is completely stoned 5K
4K is completely pissed
3K is gambleinga dn adam is rock climbing
michele is sleeping (2K)
sarahs studying (main K)

Ani defranco speaks to me:

life is a b movie
it's stupid and it's strange
a directionless story
and the dialogue is lame
but in the he said she said
sometimes there's some poetry
if you turn your back long enough
and let it happen naturally
oh, yeah
hell yeah

cause i like you
but i know you don't know it
i like you so much,
i talk to everyone but you
and i wonder
what you would think of this little number
i wonder
what you would say if you knew

there's a river of people
that runs past my eyes
and it's beautiful enough
just to watch it go by
but the trouble with water is
she'll always leave you for gravity
i never even told you
i had a crush on you or anything
oh, yeah
hell yeah

look at the human race
the whole planet at arm's length
and we don't deserve this place

like you're trying to fight gravity
on a planet that insists
that love is like falling
and falling is like this

Feels like reckless driving when we're talking
It's fun while it lasts, and it's faster than walking
But no one's going to sympathize when we crash
They'll say "you hit what you head for, you get what you ask"
and we'll say we didn't know, we didn't even try
one minute there was road beneath us, the next just sky

I'm sorry I can't help you, I cannot keep you safe
I'm sorry I can't help myself, so don't look at me that way
we can't fight gravity on a planet that insists
that love is like falling
and falling is like this

favorite song:

I am walking
out in the rain
and I am listening to the low moan
of the dial tone again
and I am getting
nowhere with you
and I can't let it go
and I can't get through...
the old woman behind the pink curtains
and the closed door
on the first floor
she's listening through the air shaft
to see how long our swan song can last
and both hands
now use both hands
oh, no don't close your eyes
I am writing
graffitti on your body
I am drawing the story of
how hard we tried
I am watching your chest rise and fall
like the tides of my life,
and the rest of it all
and your bones have been my bedframe
and your flesh has been my pillow
I am waiting for sleep
to offer up the deep
with both hands
in eachother's shadows we grew less and less tall
and eventually our theories couldn't explain it all
and I'm recording our history now on the bedroom wall
and eventually the landlord will come
and paint over it all
and I am walking
out in the rain
and I am listening to the low moan of the dial tone again
and I am getting nowhere with you
and I can't let it go
and I can't get though
So now use both hands
please use both hands
oh, no don't close your eyes
I am writing graffitti on your body
I am drawing the story of how hard we tried
hard we tried
how hard we tried
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